Seven Resolutions to Help You Land a Job in the New Year

Are you one of those people who makes the same  New Year’s Resolutions every year? Are you still  aiming to lose those last 10 pounds or get up early  and exercise regularly?

Why not make a more impactful resolution this  year? Why not resolve to land a job (or land a  better job) in 2016 instead?

If that sounds like a resolution that is more up your  alley, here are seven resolutions to help you land a  job in the new year…

First and foremost, you need a plan. You wouldn’t just grab a handful of nails and some scrap wood and start to build a house.
The same holds true for a job search. To go about looking for a job all willy nilly with no set plan or goals in mind is more difficult and time consuming.So make a solid plan, starting with the basics, such as updating your resume, and go from there. Formulate a list of what needs to be done and then set a timeline to follow through.


By now, practically everyone knows that many employers will look you up on various forms of social media, before they will call you in for an interview. So pretend you are a prospective employer and go through your online persona with that in mind. Check out your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts and see what they tell you about yourself. You want to project a professional image which will impress prospective employers, not scare them away.

Compose a list of every past manager and/or co-worker who respected and liked your work. Hopefully, you’ve kept in touch with them over the years (and with social media, there’s little excuse not to). But if you haven’t kept in touch, reach out to them now. After you establish a new connection with them, don’t hesitate to ask for advice or leads or anything else that can help you in your job search.


Notice we said letters, not letter. You should not be sending out a one-size-fits-all cover letter. Why? Because hiring managers can spot a generic cover letter with their eyes closed. Most cover letters will have much of the same info on it. But then take the time to personalize them for each separate job posting you are responding to. Read articles on how to make your cover letter even better, so that your letters don’t come across as the same old, bland and boring letters that every hiring manager has read a thousand times.

Now that you have your cover letter freshened up a bit, it’s time to send it out along with your resume. While it may be tempting to resume-blast every job on every job site you come across, doing so is just a waste of your time and will not help you in the least.

Do to your resume what you did to your cover letters and target your job search to those jobs which really speak to you. You’ll have a much better chance of getting your foot in the door for an interview, if you seek out just those specific jobs where you think you might be a good fit.

There is no excuse to not expand your knowledge and skill sets with the abundance of online courses and continuing education programs around the country. From libraries to local colleges and universities, classes are offered which can improve your worth in your industry. Each time you expand your knowledge, you make yourself an even more desirable candidate. Add each accomplishment to your resume and LinkedIn profile to show your commitment to your professional development.


If you are unemployed, particularly if it’s been a while, don’t give up hope! Take on a part-time or temporary job as a fill in if you can. Not only will you be bringing in a paycheck, but employers oftentimes transition part-time/temp workers into full time and/or permanent employees.

In essence, don’t be the guy who is always waiting for a new prospect to come along, yet doesn’t do anything to make an opportunity happen. A job is not going to fall down from the heavens into your lap. You need to be proactive.

But by following these tips, you could be on your way to landing a new job in the new year.