Master the Handshake – Land the Job

There are a lot of things to think about when you are on a job hunt. You’re aware that you need a stellar resume and it really helps to have fantastic interview skills. Rarely does anyone think about something as trivial as mastering the handshake.

And although having a great handshake won’t guarantee you a job, NOT having one can actually cost you the job. People really do count on their first impressions of you. Without a great handshake your first impression can leave a hiring manager with a less  positive opinion of you.

If you really don’t think an awkward handshake could be that big of a deal breaker, YouTube awkward handshakes and sit back in amazement! Don’t be those guys.

We are going to give you the simple step-by-step way to make your handshake unquestionably excellent, thereby eliminating one thing on your list of things to deal with when going to an interview or a networking event. By following this guideline you will be able to give the perfect handshake every time.


Step 1: Reach out first

This is imperative! It speaks of your confidence. It often makes an impression on the hiring manager if the job seeker reaches out first for the initial handshake, as they are looking at your interpersonal skills. Impress them with your confidence by sticking out your hand first when you are about five feet away.

Step 2: Look him in the eye

This is an absolute must. What good is it to show your confidence by offering your hand at the outset, if you can’t make eye contact? So lock eyes with the other person the moment you extend your hand.

Step 3: Grip the offered hand correctly

Whatever you do, don’t just thrust your fingers forward and let the other person grab at them. That is known as the wet fish handshake and no one likes it. Instead make sure you get a full palm to palm contact.

Step 4: Keep your grasp firm

Firm, not forceful. You don’t want to do a death grip. You’re not trying to squeeze so tightly that you bring him to his knees in a contest of strength.

On the other hand, stay away from the lightly touching, limp handshake. Again, your goal is to show confidence. A firm palm to palm grasp with one or two pumps is all that is needed.

Step 5: Time to let go

After the initial handshake, release your grip. That’s it! You’ve shown your poise and confidence and you’ve started your conversation on a positive note. A smile and an extended hand is always considered a warm way to greet someone.

This is not rocket science. If you’re unsure if you have mastered the perfect handshake, grab a friend and practice. You’ll be an expert in less than 2 minutes.

The nicest thing about mastering the handshake, it will become second nature to you and your confidence will shine through right from the first moment you meet someone.

Go practice!