How To Not Be Taken Seriously For A Job

You’ve been looking for a job for a while now and it seems like you aren’t getting much in the way of responses. You can’t understand this, because your resume has been updated and you’re only applying for jobs that you think would be a good fit.

What’s going on?

Before you throw in the towel completely, consider your email address. Yes, that’s right…your email address. Is it something funny, cute, off-color, immature, or downright offensive?

Just as a firm handshake gives off the impression that you are confident and self-assured, a too cutesy or immature email address gives off the impression that you are not ready to be taken seriously yet.

People often use inventive email addresses as a fun, safe way of showing off their unique personalities. Having a distinctive or quirky address might be amusing to your friends and family, but if you are using an inappropriate email address while searching for a job, you may be searching for a long time.

What constitutes an inappropriate email?

In general any address that looks like you are trying to be clever. Some of the following examples are in the category that scream loudly to a prospective hiring manager that you might not be quite the applicant that they are looking for:


superman15 (or any of the superheroes, from ironman to batman to wolverine)









Also, any email name with a political or religious connotation, either positive or negative, shouldn’t be used.

As you can see, even if they are not offensive, none of the above emails sound professional.

Does that mean you can’t keep your clever, quirky handle that you spent hours thinking about before you actually signed up for it? No, not at all. Just don’t use it during a job search.

Instead, why not get an email that you use only for potential employers. By using one, professional and normal sounding email, you’ll know that everything that you get on that email will be job related.

So what should you use?

Generally speaking, the safest bet is to go with the no-nonsense combination of firstnamelastname or lastnamefirstname. If it’s not available, then you can get a bit creative by adding your middle name or initial or a number at the end. This works on so many levels. Not only does it look more professional, it will make you and your job application easier to find when a company is searching through the mass amount of candidates searching for a job.

It’s okay to stand out from the crowd.  Only don’t do it by being inane or impractical. Do it in a way that says “hire me….I’m a professional”!