How The Job Hunt Can Work To Your Advantage in December

It can be disheartening to be on a job search in December. Because many hiring managers take their vacations between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, traditionally December is a slower hiring time. So even if you apply for a position, it might be a while before you hear back from anyone.

On top of that, there are often less jobs available near the end of the year, since many companies adopt the traditional let’s wait until the new year to hire for the open positions attitude.

So where does that leave you, the unemployed job seeker who doesn’t have the luxury to wait until the last of the tinsel is taken down and the confetti is swept up off the streets?

Why should you continue on in your job search if everyone else has a slow down mentality? Aren’t you spinning your wheels to search for a job when everyone else seems to have gone home for the holidays?

Not necessarily. In fact, there’s no need not to look for work for 6 weeks out of fear that you’re wasting your time.

Here’s how the job hunt can work to your advantage in December.

  • Less Jobs, But Less Competition

Yes, it’s true that there are less jobs available, but that doesn’t mean there are NO jobs available. So those positions that are open will more than likely have far less competition due to the fact that many people adopt the I’ll start my search on January 2nd attitude. That means that there are less candidates looking for a job during the holiday season. Here’s your chance to get in front of the line!

  • Posted In December, Filled By January

That being said, if you find a job that is posted in December, it is more than likely that the company really wants to fill the position ASAP. How do we know this? Because of the general laissez-faire attitude previously discussed on how companies wait to start recruiting in January. If it’s listed in December they probably would like to see it filled in December. If they didn’t want to start seriously recruiting until January, they would have waited until January to post the job.

  • Use Seasonal Hiring To Get Your Foot In The Door

A lot of industries, such as retail and hospitality, need more workers in December just because it is the nature of their business. If you have an interest in a particular company or industry, hiring on as a part time or temporary worker might be all you need to get your foot in the door.

  • Don’t Lose Heart

If you truly cannot find anything in December, then at least don’t get lackadaisical about your job search. If no job postings show up, or if those that are available are not right for you, you can still continue in your search by doing market research, updating your resume, networking, or learning how to interview effectively. In short don’t use December as an excuse to quit trying.

With these strategies and a little luck, December could very well work out to your advantage in your job hunt, and the new year could be off to a great start in your new job.