5 Tips to Improve Your Resume Right Now!

Recruiters decide within seven seconds whether or not to read your resume or trash it. That doesn’t give you much time to grab their attention. To avoid becoming history, put in a little more effort and do the work to move your resume from predictable to powerful.

Here are five easy ways to improve your resume right now and get your resume into the call-back pile instead of in the trash bin..


1.Tell the Recruiter What You Have to Offer

Instead of starting your resume with a job objective, substitute a concise career statement that tells the employer exactly what you can do for the company. The statement should not exceed 200 words, and it should summarize all the experience, skills, strengths and expertise that uniquely qualifies you for the job. Your career statement should be so compelling that the recruiter immediately wants to know more about you.

2. State Your Accomplishments

Beneath your career statement, list your most impressive career accomplishments to date. Did you save your employer money? Increase sales and productivity? Expand services? Raise profits? Improve customer satisfaction? Be specific, be honest and be brief. Your resume is a marketing platform to sell the recruiter on you. Accomplishments need not be limited to salaried positions; feel free to add what you’ve accomplished as an entrepreneur and in volunteer positions as well.

3. Fill in the Blanks

A gap in your employment history can be a red flag, so be sure to fill in the blanks. Chances are you were doing something, even if you were not getting paid. Were you involved in volunteer work? Were you attending seminars and workshops to further yourself in your profession? Translate these employment gaps into time frames when you were learning or practicing activities that make you a valuable employee. And consider listing your previous jobs according to their relevance to the job to which you are applying, rather than in a chronological order.

4. Replace Job Responsibilities With Job Achievements

Rather than just stating your responsibilities for a particular job, list what you were able to accomplish because you had those responsibilities. Let’s say you were a restaurant chef responsible for preparing food. Instead of saying that, you could say that by implementing a few creative culinary innovations, you helped the restaurant to increase daily revenues by 10 percent. Highlight what you accomplished as a result of your responsibilities instead of just stating what you were responsible for.

5. Keep it Simple and Make it Brief

Resumes should be easy to skim. Use bullet points and subheads to convey information whenever possible, and don’t share too much information. Your resume is just an appetizer. You want to pique the recruiter’s interest just enough to get a call back. The goal is to tantalize, not to overwhelm.

It’s okay to toot your own horn. You want to create an engaging picture of yourself and highlight all the ways you can be of service. Be as specific as possible and use every bit of space to convince the recruiter that you and the position you are applying for will be a match made in heaven.